Does Better Sports Equipment Unfairly Improve Athletic Ability?


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Did you think about an improved, faster, or more powerful bicycle, the racquet ball, basketball stick, or any other piece or equipment?

Are the equipment or the athletes more crucial to the performance? If so, what’s your basis? What are the memories of your classmates and yourself , and the most recent and advanced equipment to support your choice?

In “Do Nike’s latest shoes give athletes unfair advantage? ” “Writes Jere Longman:

Nike launched a new shoes on Tuesday. It’s an improved version of the one that was worn by the winners of Rio de Janeiro Marathon. Rio de Janeiro Marathon and other elite races in recent times . It was Nike’s bold attempt which some have called an instrument to last two hours in the race, which took place in the early period of May.

Adidas who was also the name used in the race by four of the athletes who established the world record in marathons, has unveiled its own effort, which is less well-known to beat the current record which is just 2 minutes and 56 secs to 1:59:59 or faster.

George Hirsch, president of New York Road Runners, who runs the New York Marathon and more than 50 other races , said that everything from elite in age-group races can change due to the most current technologies in shoes. It’s impossible to look at the footwear for hundreds of thousands runners before each race, he said.

“It’s an significant game changer, and if shoemakers receive patents and their shoes are released on the market, and become widely utilized, it’s left to wonder what the game is even if everybody has access to the product. These advantages, “Hirsch said.

Each shoe is believed to improve efficiency. In the absence of these shoes, everyone could be running without shoes. What happens when the lines between disadvantage and unfair advantage was crossed? There is no way to know for sure.

“It’s very exciting to be in the technological aspect of sports that we’re soon to enter,” said Ross Tucker an exercise physiologicalist of South Africa who writes the Science of Sport, a blog that is well-read by runners. .

The tennis racquets were changed between steel and wood the player stated, “I bet they had the similar conversation. 

Students: Read the entire article, and send us a message:

– Is Nike’s latest custom-designed shoe specifically designed for athletes a benefit or a negative aspect to the game What is the reason?

What are the sports that are most enhanced with equipment you believe to be fair and fair? Which sports equipment gives unfair advantages and why?

Are the sports equipment you use in some way enhance the athletic performances? What is the motivation or reason for this?

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