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WRITER Malcolm Gladwell wrote of the “10,000 Hour Rule,” which states that if you practice a specific task, like soccer, for a period of time over a period of time, you can become a total pro.

As we are running out of time we will need some extra help which is why we will buy the best football training equipment to improve our game on the pitch.


The best soccer training equipment allows you to train indoors and outdoors whether you have a lot of space or not

There are many different kits to help you with your soccer training.

If you are looking for a cheap and easy football training aid, a speed agility ladder that can help with coordination and quick training can be a useful backyard item.

Another useful and inexpensive kit is a ‘skill trainer’ – it’s a lanyard that attaches to your wrist and wraps around the ball so you can practice shooting, passing and controlling the ball. without bending over to retrieve the ball every few seconds.

Target targets are ideal for children who want to practice shooting in the yard, as are rebound nets.

For those looking for the next level of intensity – or just wanting a fun new gadget – we’ve got you covered. Three words: GPS tracking vest.

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1. Bis football training equipment: FORZA Speed ​​Agility Ladder

    FORZA's speed and agility scale is ideal for improving speed and coordination


FORZA’s speed and agility scale is ideal for improving speed and coordinationCredit: Amazon UK

This versatile speed and agility ladder can help you improve in a whole range of sports, not just soccer.

The design features adjustable high-visibility plastic rungs and sturdy nylon side rails that are suitable for training drills – you can combine a few for an even more intense workout.

It’s a good tool to make you faster, better coordinated, and more agile – and fans can’t love it enough.

‘Large scale of speed.

‘I bought two, to train my athletes, to train for speed, agility and quickness. Definitely a good buy, ”wrote one customer.

  1. (AD) FORZA Speed ​​Agility Scale, 6m for £ 9.99 on Amazon – Buy here

2. Best Football Training Equipment: Rexco Rebounder Net

    This rebound net can help with ball control


This rebound net can help with ball controlCredit: Amazon UK

Bounce nets are a useful piece of the kit when hitting the ball in the back yard.

There are a range of versions available online – some costing up to £ 100 – but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality rebounder.

This 100cm x 100cm adjustable net is light and easy to move, and reviewers say it’s “great fun” and has helped improve ball control.

“I wanted a rebounder for my son because he had used one in football training before.

“Not many friends have it and it’s a good way to learn to control the ball. Great fun for my 7 year old who likes to play with it.

‘Can fold up but needs to be disassembled a bit first. Satisfied with the quality etc. for the price, ”wrote one reviewer.

  1. (AD) Rexco Rebounder Net Target Ball Kickback Soccer Goal, for £ 26.99 on Amazon – Buy here

3. Best soccer training equipment: PLAYR Football GPS Tracker

    This FIFA licensed portable GPS tracker helps you analyze and improve your soccer skills


This FIFA licensed portable GPS tracker helps you analyze and improve your soccer skillsCredit: Pro Direct Soccer

For those who want to raise the bar and take their gaming to the next level, this PLAYR system includes a GPS tracker (SmartPod) and vest, as well as an app.

The Smartpod attaches to the upper back of the vest while you play.

This training tool has a range of different capabilities.

Using heat maps, it lets you track distance, speed, power, and sprints, and also gamify your training, letting you see how you rank against your friends, teammates, and pro footballers.

Fans love him, calling him a “game changer”, “amazing piece of kit” and “best tracker I’ve used”.

As one convert puts it:

“The Smartcoach and the stats make you feel like a true professional footballer and push you to want to be one, while helping you get there by showing you where to improve.”

  • PLAYR Football GPS Tracker: Pod + Vest + App, for £ 179 on Pro Direct Soccer – Buy here

4. Best soccer training equipment: Football Flick Urban Net Target Skills Training Goal

    This training target goal has five precision targets to shoot at


This training target goal has five precision targets to shoot atCredit: Argos

This contextual target goal (it measures 4’3 x 3’3 ‘) is useful for practicing passing and target shooting skills.

It can be left open or configured with five precision targets to hit.

Since it folds up easily and includes a carry bag and stakes, it is easily transportable for target practice in the park.

It’s also made from a combo of fiberglass and durable fabric.

“We received it as a Christmas present for our 6 year old last year and have used it extensively since then.

‘It’s great indoors in winter and outdoors in good weather.

“It was a real success. We practiced our shots with one side and then flipped it over to play a game. It folds easily so you can slide it under the bed or behind the furniture, ”wrote one reviewer.

5. Best Football Training Equipment: Miter Solo Close Control and Skills Football Training Aid

    This football skills training aid is ideal for small spaces


This football skills training aid is ideal for small spacesCredit: Amazon UK

You don’t need a lot of space to practice your football at home.

This Miter Close Control and Skills football training aid lets you focus on your shooting, passing and ball control “without annoying the neighbors or ruining daddy’s bedding plants,” as one reviewer puts it.

The adjustable strap fits a range of soccer balls and the Velcro bit attaches to your wrist.

“Got this skills trainer as a gift it does exactly what it’s made for and great when you are limited in space I highly recommend it,” wrote one reviewer.

  • (AD) Miter Solo Close Control and Skills Football Training Aid, for £ 10.38 on Amazon – Buy here

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