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What were you doing when you were 14? And at 12?

Scottsdale resident Wade Crum decided to fill a need and founded Pass It On Soccer, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, where the continued collection and redistribution of sports equipment and children’s clothing for those in need is the name of the game.

Pass It On is a non-profit organization founded about two years ago by Mr. Crum, who is now 14 years old.

“So far, we have helped thousands of children by donating approximately 7,000 pieces of equipment so that they can play sports with greater comfort and safety, which improves their self-esteem. “said Mr. Crum.

“Pass It On has grown to include donations to several organizations, child volunteers from various schools and valley football teams — and collecting over 8,000 items donated by Arizona families ranging from sports equipment to ordinary children’s clothing. “

Mr. Crum says it’s a good idea, meeting a need and working hard has been the recipe for early success beyond service at Pass It On.

“Pass It On has grown thanks to the hard work and determination of the Pass It On staff and the countless child volunteers who have helped us through the process,” he explained.

“It started with small events hosted by local clubs and gradually got bigger until we started collecting at the big tournaments in Phoenix. We then held donation events with various organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs, North Phoenix Christian Soccer Club, and La Paz Soccer League in Parker, Arizona. We were able to secure grants from the Lerner and Rowe Gives Back Foundation and The Fiesta Bowl Charities, which allowed us to help even more children in Arizona.

— Wade Crum

Mr Crum describes the proper equipment — he points out that the organization generally collects and redistributes football equipment — can make all the difference when a shy player sets foot on the playing field for the first time. .

“There are many dangers in playing football and other sports without the proper equipment,” he said.

“The donations we give to many organizations are lightly used pieces of equipment that a lot of kids don’t have. This makes the children in their organizations feel safer when playing, play better and be more comfortable, and it makes them want to go out and play more.

For Mr. Crum, he says, sport is a way for everyone to feel a sense of belonging — and the right equipment is the first step towards that feeling of confidence.

“Sport is a way for children to learn both the importance of teamwork and how to work well with others to achieve their goals. They can also learn other values ​​such as strategy, loyalty, training, hard work, passion and good communication, ”he said.

“These strategies and values ​​can be used throughout their lives in school, their work and many other places when working with others and by themselves.”

Alignment of priorities

Kristina Chumpol, director of communications and community relations at Fiesta Bowl Charities, says Mr. Crum is making a real difference — and doing it early in life is a remarkable thing.

“Pass it On aligns with Fiesta Bowl Charities’ commitment to youth and sports in our community,” she said. “The particularity of this organization is that it all started with the vision of a young person and his decision to act! Wade Crum saw a need and decided to act, and we admire his leadership. What a great role model for the young people in this community to show them that whatever your age, your voice matters and can have a huge impact. “

To help Mr. Crum and the Pass It On effort, Fiesta Bowl Charities awarded 501 (c) 3 a grant of $ 25,000 to broaden the reach of redistribution efforts and improve the quality of donated items.

“Pass It We are starting to buy new football equipment such as balls, jerseys, crampons, shin guards, socks and water bottles for organizations with children in need,” said M Crum about where the money is going.

“We also use the money for permanent donation bins at football shops and football fields around the valley, as well as to pay for necessary equipment at our fundraising events and donations such as chairs. , table boxes and shade tents. “

Ms. Chumpol agrees that there is a need for proper equipment on the playing fields in every corner of the Valley of the Sun.

“It’s really important to have the right kind of equipment, as well as ensuring the right fit to make sure the players can play their best,” she said. “With the cost of participating in organized sports increasing, it can be difficult for families to keep up with the cost of equipment. That’s why it’s so great to see organizations like Pass It On stepping in and helping families make team sports more realistic for kids.

— Kristina Chumpol

Sport in all its forms can be a great equalizer for children, says Chumpol.

“Sport can absolutely change the trajectory of one’s life. Although not all children will be the next LeBron James or Lionel Messi, the skills they learn from participating in sports influence many areas of their lives, ”she explained.

“Socially, sport is a great way for kids to engage with other kids their age that they might not otherwise interact with. Moreover, learning to work in a team is such an important skill as they become adolescents and adults in the workforce, as is personal responsibility. Sport has a unique way of bringing life skills to children in a way that they can hear, learn and do.

Mr. Crum says he lives with an irresistible attitude.

“Children can make a difference and help other children, as long as they believe in what they are doing and are willing to work hard at it. I learned not to take no for an answer and to find a way to achieve my goals with Pass It On by finding an alternate route if I hit a roadblock, ”he said.

“In doing so, I showed a lot of other kids that they can do it too. I rely on many child tournament volunteers to distribute 2,000 flyers to adults on the sidelines and educate them about the Pass It On collection. This work makes other children more confident and more independent in the process. “

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