USMC veteran’s sports equipment stolen from warehouse in Colorado Springs



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – A former U.S. Navy is hoping people can be on the lookout for some of his gear, which was stolen from CubeSmart Self Storage off Garden of the Gods last month.

“All my sports gear is gone, mountain bikes, snowboards, helmets, bindings, boots, everything. High value of around $ 10,000, ”said Sgt. Howard Hampton Jr., who served in the United States Marine Corps for nine years.

Most of the stolen items were donated by non-profit organization Team Semper Fi, including two bikes, a snowboard with bindings and several helmets.

Photo provided by Sgt. Howard Hampton’s stolen bike.

“Everything I stole was a donation from the team, so it’s not like they’re stealing anything from my finances. They’re actually stealing from veterans, from an organization that is coming together. four to help the veterans, ”said Hampton.

Sgt. Hampton joined the Semper Fi team in 2014 after serving in the Marine Corps. He served with 2-1 in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2014.

“For me over the years, I’ve struggled with a lot of things coming back from Iraq. I did a pretty big deployment and that left me with some tough things to get over,” Hampton said.

Bike photo similar to Sgt. Howard Hampton’s Stolen Bike

He does athletics not only for himself and as an outlet for mental health, but also for his friends who are no longer there after their service.

“These are things that help me with my mental state, not just to stay physically fit, but also to be active in the community,” he said.

During his years of athletic training and his participation in various teams
events, he received a red Transition bike (serial number TBC4314172), a Burton snowboard and a red / white / blue Zaskar bike, which he said were all stolen.

Photo courtesy of: Deseret News, photo of the stolen Burton snowboard



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