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A 10×12 shed was donated by Cal Craft Builders to house the sports equipment for the San Andreas ball diamonds.

Dom Nuccio knows that eventually the COVID-19 pandemic will pass and normal life will return. And when that time comes, he wants to be ready. With that in mind, Nuccio has put a plan in place to put a shed in the San Andreas ball diamonds, which will house sports equipment that will be made available to the community.

“This flu is not going to last forever, and we have to get out of this hole that we got ourselves into with the lockdown,” Nuccio said. “I’m going to fill the hangar with equipment. There will be softball, baseball, golf balls, horseshoes, badminton and a variety of different things.

Nearly three months ago, Nuccio came up with the idea of ​​adding a shed to the field near the baseball diamonds and finding the right shed wasn’t too difficult. While driving on Highway 49 he saw a number of sheds at Cal Craft Builders and thought this would be a good place to start.

Nuccio got in touch with Titus Byler, owner of the San Andreas company, and after a short discussion, Byler agreed to donate a 10×12 shed, which was installed in his new resting place on September 24.

“We love using the park here and we wanted to do our part and help and allow everyone to enjoy it and do it so we can enjoy it with our families,” Byler said after the shed was installed. .

Donated shed filled with sports equipment to provide post-lockdown activity options

Nuccio hopes that once the shed is filled with sports equipment, people will want to visit the area and get active again.

“Once we have the ability to interact with other people – I mean you can if you’re outside and 10 feet apart or something – but at As the flu subsides and we can start doing more things, then we can start delivering programs for people to come here and have access to equipment,” Nuccio said. “Leisure is very important, and we realize how important it is after being locked up and sitting on our butts for six months.”

And what would it mean for Nuccio to one day see the area full of people having fun?

“It could really be a real hotbed of activity next spring and summer,” Nuccio said. “Hopefully we can get a lot of people here to burn those extra calories. Seeing people here playing and having a good time would bring great joy to my heart.

To donate sports equipment for the shed, contact the San Andreas Recreation and Park District.


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