Perform Path introduces UV light “disinfection box” for sports equipment


Soccer balls in a Perform Path UV light disinfection case. Credit all photos: complete the path

As teams begin to play sports in the midst of a pandemic, an obvious question arises: How do you sanitize balls used in games, as they can be touched by many players during live action?

An answer is now available from Make the way, a start-up supplier of UV light disinfectant solutions for stadiums and venues: a specially designed equipment box with integrated UV lights, which can disinfect soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs and all other play equipment within minutes.

Born out of a project that saw the NBA’s Orlando Magic install UV lights throughout their facility to aid in general disinfection, Lake Mary, Fla.-Based Perform Path developed the UV-in-a- box (which he calls the “UV Decon Sports Case”) via brainstorming with his parent company, Violet Defense, and some interested university programs. Jack Elkins, president of Perform Path, said Violet Defense (which owns the patents for the UV light technology behind the Perform Path products) has already built stand-alone “disinfection rooms” for corporate clients, essentially UV lamps to. inside a shipping container.

From shipping containers to equipment boxes

“They’ve been used for things like disinfecting PPE for first responders or masks for hospitals,” Elkins said of container-based UV rooms. Although there is no test yet to prove that UV light can specifically kill the Covid-19 virus, UV light has traditionally been considered the best disinfectant possible, especially when delivered in high doses by people. specialized lighting systems.

According to Elkins, who was previously innovation director for the Magic, a local college football team asked how they could disinfect soccer balls, a query that led to brainstorming and the rapid production of a Typical looking field equipment box, but with sophisticated UV technology inside.

“It was only a matter of weeks to go from prototype and design to product,” Elkins said. Perform Path now sells the boxes for $ 8,000 at retail, with discounts available for volume purchases. According to Elkins, the cans have two UV lamps and are lined with aluminum to increase reflection, ensuring that all sides of the balls will be sanitized during the 6-minute process. According to Elkins, the system is as simple as it is effective.

“You just plug it in, close the lid and set the timer,” Elkins said. Perform Path already has several different racks inside the box for baseballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, soccer balls and basketballs, and is working on adding racks as new ones. uses are requested.

Basketballs inside a Perform Path case

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