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Zybek Sports is a leader in the field of sports equipment testing. By providing a consistent and reliable test system for athletes of all levels, athletes around the world can measure where they are now and where they need to go to achieve their aspirations.

Working with the NFL Combine, as well as other sports leagues such as MLB, amateur leagues and college leagues across the United States, Zybek Sports is suitable for athletes of all ambitions.

Kulture Hub had the opportunity to speak with CEO and founder of Zybek Sports, Mike Weinstein.

Zybek Sports
Mike Weinstein moved to Shreveport, LA. (via Zybek Sports)

“We’re just trying to give hope and direction to athletes who really want to continue at this next level.”

Mike Weinstein

The creation of Zybek Sports

Zybek Sports was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2008. The initial goal was to create a reliable system to help the athlete testing industry. Weinstein and co. made computer hardware and devised ways to test athletes and help coaches evaluate athletes.

“But from that point on, I really saw the need for athletes and coaches to have really valid and repeatable data. So that everyone can have consistent and comparable results [data]. And just know where they stand athletically and where they need to go on the road. “

Mike Weinstein

sports equipment test at Zybek Sports
Weinstein explaining athletic testing to a group of teenagers in Shreveport, LA. (Zybek Sports)

As dedicated sports fans know, there can be minor differences between

athletes from each other. And so, also how the scouts see them playing at the next level.

Whether they’re teens looking to get into prep schools, high school kids looking to get into college, or college athletes looking at the pros, numbers clearly matter to Boy Scouts.

Therefore, it is essential that there is a standard test system that works correctly 100 percent of the time. Enter Zybek Sports.

Sport is subjective, but Zybek Sports strives for fairness in objectivity

“What we have done at Zybek Sports is test athletics no matter where you live, regardless of your economic background, gender, race, etc.,” Weinstein said.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, this month, Zybek tested 150 athletes. Each of them, according to Weinstein, has dreams and aspirations of playing college sports. And so, they all want to know how they stack up against their competition.

He noted that the same test they use in Little Rock is used in Southern California.

“So everyone can see this opportunity because we are showing the athlete where they are right now. And where they need to be by next year.

Mike Weinstein

sports equipment testing
Testing of sports equipment from Zybek Sports. (Zybek Sports)

Weinstein explains how, without standards, athletes have no way to compare and rate themselves on what they need to improve athletically to be competitive to the next level.

“That’s not all, far from it, but it’s something objective that athletes can see. It really provides something that is easy to understand and that motivates people.

Mike Weinstein

Sports equipment testing at the NFL Combine

“11 years ago now, the NFL Combine Scouting Services asked us to become the backup timer for one of their systems. And it worked really well. “

Mike Weinstein

And Zybek Sports has been back ever since. For the past 10 years, they have supplied the timing system used for the NFL scout combine.

Zybek Sports also does things like, as Weinstein explains, “… if you’ve ever watched the NFL network, this clock that’s running on your TV screen is actually from my computer. So we can really show the market and the public exactly what these athletes are running. “

One of the most important things is that locally tested athletes know they are taking the exact same test as athletes who will soon turn pro.

The impact of sports equipment testing

Athletes pass the SAT (Standardized Athletic Testing) with Zybek Sports. Since everyone takes the same test, Weinstein compares it to standardized academic tests.

“It’s exactly the same as taking the academic SAT. You can’t go in and say ‘yes I’m going to go to local arts so I’m going to skip the math section. Yale will understand. No, you take it. It’s a measure of your academic ability, it’s the same with the 40-meter scoreboard.

Weinstein noticed a hole in the sports equipment testing market. And he sought to create something that could be consistent and eternally precise.

“What interests me is really problem-solving and finding a way to deliver results to the market. I saw a really big opportunity in the market to solve an issue that can really bring the industry up to a level and help everyone get to that next level or at least get everyone treated fairly and equitably.

Mike Weinstein


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