France supports NDLEA with tactical training and equipment



The French Embassy in Nigeria provided agents of the National Drug Control Agency (NDLEA) with progressive tactical training and donated protective equipment to the agency to help its operators fight trafficking. drug in the country.

This was revealed in a statement released yesterday by the French Embassy in Abuja, stressing that the training was an opportunity to acquire valuable skills in the fight against drug trafficking.

The equipment given to NDLEA SWAT operators, “includes; five heavy bulletproof vests, five ballistic helmets and a ballistic shield, ”the statement read.

During the handover ceremony at NDLEA headquarters, NDLEA President Mohammed Buba Marwa praised the young Franco-Nigerian cooperation in the field of drugs, stressing that France has an expert dedicated exclusively to trafficking in drugs. drugs in Nigeria.

The training took place at the Academy of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) between March 29 and April 1, the statement said.

Fifteen NDLEA trainees completed the tactical progression training at the EFCC Academy.

The group, which included three women, was drawn from the team from the federal capital and those from neighboring states.

They practiced building approach techniques as well as tactical progression inside buildings, different types of stairs, room searches and the energetic progression of an assault column.

Nigeria and France maintain cordial diplomatic relations, with Nigeria remaining France’s largest trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa and fourth in Africa, behind Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The volume of trade between France and Nigeria amounted to 4.479 billion euros in 2019.

France and Nigeria are also working together to fight terrorism because the European country supports the fight against terrorism in the Lake Chad region with equipment and funding.

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