New Zealand sends more personal protective equipment to Fiji


A second shipment of personal protective equipment and medical supplies has arrived from New Zealand to support COVID-19 containment efforts in Fiji.

New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji Jonathan Curr revealed that more than 13 tons of personal protective medical equipment worth $ 700,000 had been sent from Auckland to further strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health and of Medical Services to fight the virus.

This follows the initial deployment of 3 tonnes of PPE valued at $ 200,000 that were dispatched in May.

Curr says New Zealand is a close friend of Fiji, and as natural partners, they are helping each other through these trying times.

He says their priority is to work in solidarity by sharing resources and supporting Fiji in the COVID-19 response.

PPE for healthcare workers includes gowns, face shields, protective eyewear, gloves, disposable masks, shoe covers, puffer caps and other supplies such as an infrared thermometer, tabs antibacterials, biohazard bags, swab kits and many more.

This support is complemented by an additional $ 14 million FJ to support the Fijian government’s response to COVID-19 and civil society organizations working with vulnerable households.

New Zealand has also partnered with Australia to deploy a medical assistance team that will work alongside the Department of Health and Medical Services to provide immediate support for health system management and oversight. infection prevention.

The New Zealand High Commission has also worked closely with civil society organizations to support communities with food relief packages, hygiene kits and counseling services through Viti Levu.

Curr says they are keeping in touch with the Fijian government and their partners on the ground and that New Zealand is ready to respond to further requests for assistance.


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