The Council supports the withdrawal of sports equipment from the UTPB


Odessa City Council on Tuesday asked city staff to try to negotiate a deal with the UTPB that would allow Odessa-based sports associations to immediately start removing sports equipment and construction structures they paid for. UTPB sports facilities.

Council members asked City Manager Michael Marrero and City Attorney Natasha Brooks to meet with UTPB officials this week to see if they would agree to let associations remove their equipment and buildings, which include several large storage facilities.

Marrero warned the council and sports association leaders that UTPB officials may not agree to the plan.

“Let’s talk to the University,” Marrero said. “As you know, their lawyers have a different interpretation of our agreement.”

Brooks said on Tuesday that its interpretation of the city’s contract with the UTPB allows the city to appoint a third party, in this case the sports association, to remove equipment and structures from the UTPB sports fields.

Lawyers for the UT System recently sent a letter to Brooks warning them that the current lease only allows the city to remove structures, not third parties.

Council was also forced to vote on whether to use bond certificates to pay for a $ 95 million rehabilitation of the current water plant.

That’s because representatives of the Ector County Republican Party submitted petitions ahead of the start of the meeting that would instead call on residents to vote on a bond issue to pay for the rehabilitation of the plant. COs only need a vote of the board to proceed.

The Ector County Elections Office is expected to review and verify signatures on petitions are valid by Saturday, Deputy City Manager of Administrative Services Cindy Muncy told council.

If the petitions are approved, the council will vote to accept the petitions at its Aug. 3 business meeting and set a bond election date, Muncy said. If the petitions are not approved, the council will likely vote on the OC issue at its August 10 meeting.

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