Additional funding for schools to prepare Covid-19 protective gear should be included in the 2022 budget



Additional funding for schools to prepare Covid-19 protective gear is expected to be included in the 2022 budget, according to the MCA.

MCA spokesman Wong Siew Mun said that as schools reopen, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) should increase allocations to the Ministry of Education (MoE), so that schools can buy everything the equipment needed to keep the coronavirus at bay.

She said these items include disinfectants, Covid-19 self-test kits and others.

“As society will have to coexist with Covid-19 for a long time, protective equipment and supplies will undoubtedly entail heavy expenses for schools, parents and especially those belonging to the B40 category and poor families,” he said. -she declared in a press release. Wednesday’s statement (September 15).

She said that as the ministry announced details of students returning to school in batches, schools must be well prepared and fully suited to SOPs to reduce Covid-19 before they reopen.

“The Ministry of Finance should therefore provide additional funds for schools to prepare Covid-19 protective gear to reduce the burden on schools and parents, in addition to being able to cope with the requirements as well,” she said. .

She added that since the Covid-19 self-test kits have become a necessity and an inevitable expense that schools and parents must bear, it was reasonable and timely for the government to include these additional items for the budget of the city. ‘next year.

“Since everyone is responsible for containing this infectious disease, whether school authorities, parents or students, strict adherence to SOPs is required at all times.

“If a teacher or parent finds out that a child is not doing well, it is possible to keep the child at home to prevent the growth of school groups,” Wong said.

Wong Siew Mun

MCA spokesperson



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