FIH changes penalty corner rule and allows protective gear outside the circle


The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has changed the penalty corner rule, allowing defenders to keep their protective gear on once the ball is out of the circle, the international hockey regulator said in a statement on Monday. .

“Rule 4.2, relating to a penalty corner, has been amended to allow defending players using penalty corner protective equipment to continue to play the ball outside the circle after an interception when taking a Penalty corner Players can now continue running with the ball while keeping their protective gear on, but they must remove the same gear immediately afterwards, at the first opportunity to do so and always inside the 23-zone meters,” said FIH sporting director Jon Wyatt.

“No player using PC protective equipment may play the ball outside the 23 yard area at any time. This has been introduced to protect the safety of athletes so that the focus can be on the ball and the game, not on the removal of protective equipment during a game under pressure defensive situation.He was tested at the FIH Odisha Men’s Junior World Cup of Hockey in Bhubaneswar in December 2021 and awarded the unanimous support from coaches, athletes and officials,” he said.

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The FIH has also changed the rule regarding the air balloon.

“Rule 9.10 has been amended to allow play of what are commonly known as aerial balls. The previous text did not cover the ability of players to safely intercept a falling ball, which is now considered as both legitimate and positive for the development of The Game. This follows extensive discussions before, during and after the Tokyo Olympics, in which a more consistent interpretation and understanding of this element of our game was The air balloons will continue to be closely monitored by all stakeholders so that player safety can be maintained,” the FIH said in a statement.

The rules are issued by the FIH Rules Committee (composed of rules experts from the five continental federations) under the authority of the International Hockey Federation (FIH). They are normally updated every two years in the month of January following the Olympic Games or the FIH Hockey World Cups. The newly updated rules will come into effect from January 2022 in all international events.

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