The best soccer training gear you can buy on Amazon

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Whether you’re putting together your own team, playing in the park, or trying to entertain the little ones before school starts, these products are guaranteed to hone your skills on the pitch.

1. This pop-up goal is a great way to sharpen your shot and get the most out of your home garden, whether you choose to keep score or not.

kick master

Evaluation: 4.4/5
No. Opinion : 1,512

Promising reviews:

“Love it! Bought this for my son to train, I find myself reliving my youth long after he walked into the house. Easy assembly, pop-up style, good quality materials and design. – Mister Wild

“I couldn’t ask for more. Great product and good quality, easy to lift, and a nice little carry bag.” -Sat

Get it on Amazon for £21.99

2. This training aid straps around your waist while you practice your solo football skills, tricks and keepers.

soccer aid

Evaluation: 4.4/5
No. Opinion : 1,088

Promising reviews:

“I’m a football coach and bought this for my son. It’s great for practicing kicking, first contact and indoor body shape with little risk of breaking vases and frames. Well made and elastic is good quality – easy to fit most size 3, 4, 5 footballs and with the velcro around the waist.- Rajab Hewavitarne

“Great way to hone your skills.” – superstars

Get it on Amazon for £12.99

3. If you’re looking for a soccer ball, the Miter Impel is a great choice for training and more.

Miter Impel

Evaluation: 4.6/5
No. Opinion : 11,460

Promising reviews:

“A ball of very good quality which resists very well to almost constant use. A great success.” – Mr. Household

“It’s the best cheap ball you can buy. Miter balls are strong. It’s not a lightweight ball that floats and can’t be used for matches.” –Christian Cook

Get it on Amazon for £10.00

4. This agility ladder helps improve your footwork speed while recreating some of the quick steps you might encounter on the court.

Agility ladder

Evaluation: 4.6/5
No. Opinion : 565

Promising reviews:

“Really pleased with this item. Comes in a simple little bag to keep it neat when not in use. A length of 6m is very adequate for some speed ladder training. I also like that multiple ladders can be joined to increase the length. – A. Spencer

“Using it for morning exercises, the product is lightweight, easy to set up and doesn’t take up much space when rolled up either.” – Maji

Get it on Amazon for £11.99

5. This easy-to-install football rebounder with pre-connected posts helps you practice your volleys and free kicks without the judgment of a goalie.

football rebounder

Evaluation: 4.4/5
# of reviews : 567

Promising reviews:

“Absolutely fantastic! Bought for my brother for Christmas and he loves it! Works brilliantly and great for working out! Highly recommend.” –Rachel

“The frame is easy to put together and is perfect when attached.” – Marracas

Get it on Amazon for £39.99

6. These brightly colored passing arcs dig into the ground to help you pass the ball more accurately, refine your one-twos, or just kick in a straight line.

Passing bows

Evaluation: 4.7
No. Opinion : 40

Promising reviews:

“Bought to assist with U11 team training drills, these bows stick firmly into the ground but not enough to cause injury when a player catches them with their feet. We use size 4 balls in this group age and they pass very well, but obviously it would require greater accuracy if we were using size 5 balls. The bows are brightly colored so clearly visible from a distance, and wipe off quite easily when covered in mud – gordhelpus

” Quality product. No problem. I would definitely recommend. – Amazon customer

Get it on Amazon for £19.99

7. This soccer training equipment pack includes both an agility ladder and cones for a variety of drills and even comes with a handy sheet of different drills to try.

training kit

Evaluation: 4.7
No. Opinion : 3,430

Promising reviews:

“Brilliant product, a great addition to my off season training regimen to keep me fit and sharp. The ladders are really easy to fit and I also liked that they came with a poster showing different variations of how you can use the ladder I play football so they came in very handy with quick foot work to help keep the game sharp during pre season!Would 100% recommend this product! ” –Luke Barlow

“Great kit. Used it in the park as my own obstacle course. Fits perfectly in my backpack. Highly recommend.” – Amazon customer

Get it on Amazon for £21.97

8. This set of 2 pop-up football goals is perfect for setting up a mini football game in your garden or park.

Training goals

Evaluation: 4.4
No. Opinion : 527

Promising reviews:

“Assembling the goals is so easy as they simply snap into place once removed from their case. I was also pleasantly surprised at how easily they were put back into their case. The case is nice and roomy , so it doesn’t need creasing or squeezing in place.” – tn1179

“The bag has a strap which makes them easy to store and carry. The goals also come with 10 practice cones which my son can’t wait to set up for his own practice session – a nice touch.” –Lisa Lynch

Get it on Amazon for £55.99

9. Identify your shooting accuracy with this corner shooting bin set that easily attaches to any sturdy goal post.

Corner bins

Evaluation: 4.6
No. Opinion : 158

Promising reviews:

“Fantastic piece to add to a goal for precision shooting, helps drive the ball into specific areas of the goal, comes in a lightweight bag with a handle, metal pegs are also supplied.” – JP

“Excellent quality – sturdy and easy to fit and remove. They are a really useful training aid. – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for £36.99


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