Worldwide distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE)


Dublin, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The ‘Global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Distribution Growth Opportunities’ report has been added to from offer.

This research assesses the consolidation activity of the global PPE distribution industry from 2018 to 2021, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of distributors in all major industries (manufacturing, construction, mining, petroleum and gas, transportation, utilities, and food and chemical processing).

The product segments analyzed are neck PPE; respiratory, hand, foot and fall protection; protective clothing; and gas detection. The study concludes with a discussion of the key growth opportunities that industry players should consider as they look to the future.

In the global PPE market, the acquisition of new customers through geographic expansion has driven consolidation activities and responded to customer preference for purchasing all of their PPE from a single supplier. This trend has driven PPE manufacturers and distributors to pursue acquisitions, expand their portfolios, offer complementary technical training and services, and become one-stop shops. Additionally, distributors are launching private label PPE product brands. These private labels will allow them to make bigger profits and offer a low-cost alternative to customers. As a result, PPE manufacturers may lose market share and face challenges due to low cost products available from new competitors.

Another way to reach new customers is for retailers to embrace technology and digitize their business. For example, by incorporating an e-commerce model, a customer can use digital information and communication technologies to reduce processing costs, speed up procurement and manage orders.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in the market’s highly fragmented distribution system. Distributors with weak enterprise resource planning systems, inefficient implementation of digital channels, and lack of technological proficiency have suffered, allowing larger distributors to acquire them and to increase their reach.

Security distributors were among the most sought-after target groups for acquisitions; North America and Western Europe emerged as regions experiencing significant distribution consolidation.

Main topics covered:

1. Analysis of growth opportunities

  • PPE distributors and their importance
  • Search scope
  • Distribution trends in the PPE market

2. PPE distribution structure

  • PPE Market Value Chain
  • PPE Market Value Chain Analysis
  • PPE Market Value Chain Integration
  • Role and importance of distributors in the PPE market
  • Types of Distributors in the PPE Market
  • Analysis of mergers and acquisitions of distributors in the PPE market
  • Challenges for PPE distributors
  • Is e-commerce a threat to distributors?

3. Overview of consolidation in PPE distribution

  • Why do distributors seek mergers and acquisitions?
  • How will consolidation in the distribution channel impact the PPE market?
  • Growth Drivers for Distributor Consolidation in the PPE Market
  • Growth Constraints for Distributor Consolidation in the PPE Market
  • Key Takeaways – Analysis of Distribution Consolidation in the PPE Market
  • Analysis of distribution consolidation by region
  • Distribution Consolidation Analysis by Region and Year
  • Analysis of consolidation trends in the distribution of PPE
  • Can buying groups create a trend in PPE distribution?
  • How can consolidation benefit distributors?
  • How has the pandemic changed the distribution of PPE?
  • Multichannel versus omnichannel distribution

4. Significant transactions with distributors

  • Notable Distributor Transactions

5. Notable Distributor Profiles: Bunzl

  • Bunzl consolidations in the PPE distribution industry
  • Bunzl consolidations in the PPE market
  • Bunzl consolidation analysis

6. Profiles of Notable Distributors: Cerva Group

  • Consolidations of the Cerva group on the PPE market
  • Consolidation analysis of the Cerva group

7. Notable Distributor Profiles: Rubix

  • Rubix consolidations in the PPE market
  • Rubix Consolidation Analysis
  • Notable Distributor Profiles: CWS
  • CWS consolidations in the PPE market
  • CWS Consolidation Analysis

8. Notable Distributor Profiles: RG Group

  • Consolidations of the RG Group on the PPE market
  • RG Group consolidation analysis

9. Profiles of notable distributors: Descours & Cabaud

  • Consolidations of Descours & Cabaud on the PPE market
  • Consolidation analysis of Descours & Cabaud

10. Growth Opportunity Universe, PPE Market Distribution Consolidation

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – General Industrial Distributor/MRO Distributor to acquire specialized industrial and product distributors
  • Growth Opportunity 2 – Distributor Consolidations in Eastern and Central Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East
  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Distributors to Digitize Business

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